If you feel stuck, are struggling or wish to make changes, then I can offer a listening ear.


By linking into your energy and my spirit guides I am shown the many layers behind your situation. This brings fresh insight and new perspectives in and these can help you to make sense of things.


I can help you to change the beliefs you have about yourself.


A session gifts you a loving space to explore how you feel and the changes you wish to bring about.


None of us can change the past and what has happened, but you can change how you feel about it. Fresh awareness also helps you to see what your 'triggers' are and how you can help yourself, when you feel challenged.


I have many years experience to draw on, and a wealth of 'tools' to share, so you can carry on making the changes after our time together. 


I charge £50 for an initial session of an hour, £25 for half an hour and £10 for a specific question.  Upon request I will send you an invoice, with payment details.


For our session we can connect through Facetime, Skype Slack, or by email from my Contact Page