Jane came into my life when I was in a dark place feeling that the dark spiral I knew so well would never change.  Her gentle, loving wisdom opened my eyes and my heart and gave me the courage to change. I felt the truth of her words in my heart. She has authenticity and honesty which go deep into the heart of whatever pain is present and that empowered me to be truly who I am. I cherish our connection and am so grateful to Jane for her gift.

PS, Yorkshire

Jane is a loyal, indefatigable, dedicated and devoted 'Spiritual Warrior'.  Having served on the front-line many years for clients from all over the world, her knowledge, expertise and connection to her spirit guides cannot be denied. Empathetic, with an authentic degree of integrity, she heals with her words and thoughts within the unlimited love she gives out in service to humankind. She is a much revered, highly respected, servant of the light, shining brightly into a world that sorely needs it.
Malcolm Buckley, Lincolnshire


Jane is always there as an intuitive support, offering clarity around situations, empowering me to move forward without fear.  Jane's warmth is palpable and caring, truly a blessing in disguise.  Thank you Jane.